Monday, January 03, 2005

The New Year

Well, it's the start of another New year, and this time I thought I'd actually give this 'blogging' thing a try.

The idea (at least initially) is for me to 'log' the work related events and projects here. The success or failure of the various endeavors, and hopefully learn something as I look back. If my accounts of the software development process help some others along the way, all the better.

As I learn more about this process (blogging) and what this particular site is capable of, I hope to be able to let others share their experiences here as well.

That's it for today as I'm not working and have some work to do in the garage. I'm rebuilding a '78 Chevy pickup... Well 'disassembling' is a better description of where I am in the process at the moment!!

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