Sunday, July 10, 2005

Another weekend..

Has come and gone... and I've got a lot to tell you all. This is essentially just a teaser, to let you know I can't do that tonight. Our company just left, I've got some work (as in to pay the internet bill!) to finish before morning, and an early day tomorrow.

Let me just say I made some decent progress on the truck bed, that undercoating is the spawn of Satan and it's far to hot out for serious manual labor!

On the whole however, the weekend went well, and I've lined up the motor and transmission parts to arrive when I get back from New York so I've got a 'target' date now where I have to have certain things complete. I don't have room in the shop for the additional parts, the existing parts and the truck! (I need a much bigger shop for this kind of work!)

My buddy Whit is in the process of putting up a new garage at his place, it should be finished in the next week or so. When I get up there I'll be taking some pics to get some ideas, and maybe, just maybe we'll put up a new shop here next year (if the employment holds out!).

Anyway, much more tomorrow!!


Karyn Lyndon said...

Just stopped by to say "hi". Sounds like you had a great (busy) weekend.

Bill said...

Hi Karyn! Yes the weekend was pretty busy and I'm feelign my age this morning! All in all though another good one! I hope yours was as well.

Spirit Of Owl said...

Whoa - so getting back to the good old days after all then? AND a TV show too... there's be no holding you back!

Whit said...

Just checking in -- have been absent from blogsville for awhile. My dad started blogging this weekend, and I have directed him to come visit you! I think he will enjoy your musings...

(And I've added a link to your site from mine.)

Firehawk said...


Sorry I've been missing. Sounds like you're staying busy with the truck. In response to something you said in an earlier post, I think Overhaulin' is the best of the "build" shows. Sometimes the "owner getting tricked" parts are over the top, but they have super talented guys on that show. Chip Foose is the man. It's sister show, Rides, isn't too bad, either.

Anyway, good luck with your current ventures. Stay employed!

Jay said...

Oh weekends, happily busy, I hope.

Trevor Record said...

It's "tomorrow" and I still don't see anything.

Yes, I'm doing this because you did it to me once.

Bill said...

Spirit - The TV show would be very, very nice... However, no one's knocking on the door, or burning up my phone yet!!

Whit - Thanks! I appreciate that and I hope your Dad enjoys the site!

Firehawk - "Chip Foose is the man. It's sister show, Rides, isn't too bad, either." I couldn't agree more!! Rides is definitely a close second to Overhaulin'. Glad to see you're back!

I've got to stay employed... how else will I finance the truck project!! :)

Jay - Definitely 'happily busy'... We also had a nice 'cookout' on Sunday afternoon... halted the project, but well worth the diversion :)

Trevor- Ok.. so I'm a day late... I fell asleep last night shortly after dinner... it's tough being an old man ya know!!!

(Oh, and I was wondering if you'd remember!!)

Thanks again y'all, finding all these comments made my day today!