Monday, September 26, 2005

Some odds and ends…

This isn't one of my 'real' posts, but just some tid-bits that needed saying.

Some odds and ends…

I’ve had a lot of hits lately, by people looking for one (or more) of the string comparators I’ve implemented in Foxpro and VB.Net. So… for any of you that are driving by, and would like a copy of the raw source for any of the comparators, just stop by CP.Solutions, navigate over to the feedback form and request a link to download it. You need to be specific and let me know what algorithm you want:


They’re free and I’m providing them without any express or implied warranties. The only thing I ask is that you give credit where it’s due and leave the comments in the program headers.

The entire package, along with the POL utility is very nearly complete. I intend to make that available for a very reasonable one time fee ($99/developer). If you’re interested in that, please indicate your interest on the feedback form. Formats will include a Visual Foxpro class library and a VB.Net DLL


I’m in the process of revamping my personal website with an eye toward providing a real photo gallery. I like the open source PHP product called ‘Coppermine’, and I’m wondering if any of my readers have any experience with incorporating PHP into an otherwise HTML type site. Any problems or special issues that you’re aware of? Any “gotcha’s” you can give me a heads up on??


Would the folks who are constantly ( 5 or 10 times a week) dropping by here after googling for “Chuck Gronsbell” drop me a note, or leave a comment? Curiosity has finally gotten the better of me!


The folks over at Byzantium Shores were kind enough to add a link on their page to my post the other day on Relationships. I’d like to say thanks, and point y’all over there as this fellow has some interesting things to say.


Things at work are extremely busy at the moment. From what I understand it’s a combination of things, year end approaching, budgets for 2006 being due and several ‘open items’ reaching the end of tolerance levels. For me, it’s meant being included in half a dozen additional small projects, all of which are ‘up against the wall’ and definitely past the due dates.

I suppose I could be stressing over it, but, I look at it this way… work, is work… I’d rather be working than not… and all this additional stuff, makes a contract extension look even more likely!!


On the home front… the new roof is all but finished, some cleanup and ‘caps’ to nail in and we’ll be calling that a wrap. I’m almost looking forward to a really, really heavy rainfall so we can ‘test’ out’ the results. After 5 years of patching, flashing and repairing, it will be so wonderful to not have to worry about leaks any more!!

You see this roof, has probably leaked since the house was originally built. Every section of roof (there are four distinct sections) has had at least one leak since we’ve been here. Even the section we totally replaced, still leaked in at least two places.

The new roofer, did discover why though, and has fashioned a fix.

My friend and contractor Mike Turner, says this guy has been doing all of his roofing for five years now, and there has never been a leak once he’s done. Y’all keep your fingers crossed, and I’m putting away the buckets!


This weekend is supposed to be in the mid-70’s, breezy and just beautiful fall weather.

That means I’ll be back on the truck project again and you can expect pictures of all the work this weekend. I’ll be getting the bed floor and wheel wells finished and in primer on Friday, the sides and front in final ‘blocked’ form and primer on Saturday and everything in a coat of sealer on Sunday.

Pretty ambitious, and with any luck it’ll get done. Then I can bring the chassis back in and pull the cab off and start on that!! I’m excited, it’s been too long and I need to beat some steel into submission!!


New programming projects… well, the two new clients I mentioned a few weeks ago are still alive and “potentials”. I’ve spoken with each and they assure me that as soon as the ‘rush’ is over… they want to get started on their projects.

It’s a good thing I wasn’t counting on either one to pay the bills this month!!


Blogroll… It’s been brought to my attention that some of the folks I have on ‘my’ blog roll, do not have me on theirs… Ummmm thanks, but that’s not why I started a Blogroll…. I just thought someone else might enjoy some of the sites I do.

I’m very happy to be listed on anyone’s site that thinks they’d like to add me. I try to visit the site’s of everyone who posts a message here, or where the URL shows up in my stats.. If I enjoy the blog and return to read more there when I can, I add it to the roll.

If I’ve somehow omitted anyone from the blogroll, who would like to be on it, drop me an email or leave me a comment and I’ll check your site out, and consider doing so.


Seems the POL utility I’ve written is finding more and more utility at the client site. I’ve been asked to generate ‘best match’ candidates to link several thousand new records in a new table to some existing datastore that contains several hundred thouand records.

I’m beginning to wonder how I got along without it in the past.

I think that so many of my previous clients were not aggregating data, but simply managing their own, that it wasn’t the issue it is here. Any time you attempt to bring together data from multiple sources you have a real potential for duplicates. The POL does a nice job of identifying existing records that may be duplicates of those being imported. It also can ‘preprocess’ the incoming file and write off to a suspense file those records that are identified as having potential matches in the existing datastore.


So.. that's about it for today.. between the roof and work I'm about worn out today... I'll work at finding something....Ummmmm... more interesting for tomorrow!!

Thanks again for stopping by!!


Trevor Record said...

Well, it's great that you got your roof fixed!

Around Vancouver, when a roof leaks it's not the sort of thing you can afford to put off.

Bill said...

Hi Trevor - Yeah it is... it's not really the kind of thing you can put off here either. We've tried a number of things, all recommended by 'experts'... this year I decided to just go ahead and tear the old one off and re-do it all.

The upside was that there was enough room left in the dumpster for all the scrap metal and parts off the truck! So now it doesn't look like a scrap yard in the driveway any longer!

jenbeauty said...

Your projects seem always ongoing Bill. I need to take a page out of your book and prioritize more.

I don't know how to do the blogroll thingy. I have been meaning to but have not had the time. So I just add the links in my blog that I go to and then from there I use others links. Silly I know, but until I have to to get to that blogroll thing it will have to do.

Beth said...

Just wanted to stop by and say hi! We have to redo our entire roof as well, but it looks like it'll be put off until next spring. Bleh.

Sleeping Mommy said...

Sounds like you have a lot going on Bill. Hope you are taking some time to relax somewhere in all of that.

And don't you just love the hits that come to you via bizarre searches---REPEATEDLY! I'm always like come out come out whoever you are!

Jay said...

So, I end up understanding maybe 50% of what you've said here, but I always think it's interesting when someone does spring cleaning in their brain, and just spews out all the odds and ends. You've a very interesting mix indeed.

Brenda Bradshaw said...

LOL Jay! I'm sitting there reading and I start to feel my eye glaze over and my brain go numb, so you're not alone!

Nick said...

Hey, stumbled upon your site via I am not sure what all you mean by incorporating PHP into an otherwise HTML site.. Did you make sure that the server you have your site hosted on offers PHP to you? I don't know how far your knowledge is in PHP programming, seeing as how you are a programmer, so I don't want to come off as though I am instucting you or anything.... If you need any help with anything PHP/MySQL related, hit me up at my email addy : nikolis17[~at]gmail[~dot]com. I am starting my own business-type site, where I will offer my services as a php programmer, and basic free-lance web design.

Bill said...

Jen - First, don't worry about 'blogroll' I'm certainly not, I'd much rather you found time to stop by and say 'Hi' than worry about that...

I wish I could prioitize better than I do. My problem is, I always have a ton of stuff in the works so I can do what 'suits my fancy' on a given day.

About all I really plan well is work stuff.

Beth - Hopefully shingles will have dropped in price again by the time you do. The jump added about $550 to the material costs. (In the two weeks between planning and buying the shingles!)

SleepingMommy - Yep... I keep wondering, especially when it's always from the same IP!

As for relaxing.. I'm doing that right now!

Jay - I'll take that as a compliment, it's definitely one of the kinder things that have been said about my 'brain dumps'!! :)

I can definitely live with interesting.

Brenda - Sorry... I hate when that happens... Maybe the body shop talkin todays post will have you wanting to paint something!!

Nick - thanks, I'm pretty sure I've got all of the server side requirements handled, but I'll check with them to be sure. I'll definitely drop you a line, you might be interested in something I'm developing for resale (as a development partner).