Sunday, April 16, 2006

It’s Our Anniversary Today. . .

Interesting that Tax day is actually the day after our anniversary this year, normally it’s the day before! Easter doesn’t normally coincide with the day either. It’s also unusually warm this weekend, with temps here hitting 90 yesterday, all these things make this a sort of unique year.

Then again, our relationship is pretty unique as well.

The year we got married, the weather the week before, and after, was unusually warm. On our motorcycle honeymoon though, it was unusually cold with daytime temps rarely getting above 45 degrees (F).

The weather didn’t stop us from having fun though, we laughed about it as we huddled (cuddled) in motel rooms in the evening, and around a big coal stove at a hardware store in the mountains. (We’d stopped in there looking for some additional cold weather apparel).

We laughed about how cold we were as we attempted to warm up over a cup of coffee, or soup… the point is, we laughed. There was no complaining about the weather… there were some jokes about how hard I’d have to ‘work’ to warm her up once we settled in for the evening… but no complaints.

That’s one of the things I treasure… the lack of complaints… we seem to be able to find humor in nearly everything… or if not humor, at the very least, a bright side.

We started laughing together the first time we talked… and we’ve been laughing ever since. Through high, and low, points… there’s always been something to make us laugh.

We chuckle about our own stupidity and that of others… We have fun at the grocery store (a chore I used to hate), and even when going alone (as I do more these days) I find myself smiling as I remember our previous antics…

We’ve had more than our share of challenges in our five year marriage… two injuries and subsequent surgeries as well as a job change and subsequent financial uncertainty for me. Three surgeries and an ongoing problem with back pain, and potentially another surgery, for her… sometimes it feels like we’re constantly at a Doctor’s office or medical facility… regardless we’ve always laughed, joked, and sometimes, cried… together.

There have been no arguments about money, no finger pointing, no accusations… instead there’s been support, understanding, collaboration and laughter.

We’ve laughed during sex, meals, home renovation, watching the news, sex, working in the yard, motorcycling, sex, long car trips… and well... doing just about anything you can imagine.

We have had arguments… but they’ve been rare, and mostly precipitated by outside factors… like the pain (and frustration) of my injuries, or hers, not due to actual issues we couldn’t resolve.

To me… all of this makes my bride a truly unique woman… our focus is virtually always on how to find laughter in even the worst of moments, not to place responsibility. I think most folks try to do this, I know I do, and it’s difficult to accomplish at times. However, when your partner is encouraging you to laugh, making jokes about the situation, it’s pretty hard (for me) to work up a good “pissed off”… instead, I find myself working to laugh as well!

So, when I say these are the best years of my life… it’s due in no small part to her ability to help me see the humor in everything, the good, and the bad. I only hope that I’m half as successful at helping her to do the same!!

Happy Anniversary Baby! I Love You!

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Nina said...

Just beautiful, Happy Anniversary to you both and may you have many more years of love and laughter.

Bill said...

Nina - Thanks... and the same to both of you two as well!!

Dizzy Ms. Lizzy said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and your 'better half', Bill!

As long as you can share the laughter, you can make it through anything. So just keep laughing - - and loving each other - - through MANY more years! :-)

RealLady said...

Awww...thanks sweetie! life with you is the best, whether we are shopping or reading the paper together! You bring out the finer side of my life and for that I thank you! Here's looking forward to many more years of us being together! and being the best we can be!

Bill said...

Liz - Thanks! I agree laughter, is indeed, the best medicine :)

RealLady - Thanks.. and.. You're welcome darlin... I think as long as we continue to find a little fun in everything we do... that's exactly what we'l do!

Greg said...

seems like yesterday!
congradulations you two.

Firehawk said...


You're a very lucky guy, it sounds like. If you can live, love, and laugh, that's about all that can be asked of this world.

Happy Anniversary, and many happy returns.

Sorry I've been absent. I didn't do much computer stuff during my vacation.

Bill said...

Greg - Yes it does seem like yesterday... hard to believe it's been 5 years! Thanks bro.

Firehawk - I couldn't agree more... live, love and laugh are definitely the top three on my 'how am I doing" list... I figure as long as those three are Ok... everything will be fine in the end! Thanks... and don't worry, I miss your comments, but I sure understand the need to 'get away'!!

Jada's Gigi said...

I love how you love your wife! Keep laughing, keep loving...they often go hand in hand it seems....

Bill said...

Cheryl - Thanks.. I'm glad my love for her comes through loud and clear :) It should, I'm crazy about her! I agree with you, love and laughter do seem to go hand in hand!

Comfort Addict said...

That's so sweet, Bill. It sounds as though the two of you have a great marriage. Congratulations on your anniversary - may you have many more!

Bill said...

CA - Thanks bro... the credit goes to Maryan.. she showed me how to stop taking thing too seriously... and to be able to laugh at myself! She is definitely a treasure to me.