Friday, March 16, 2007

The End Of An Era. . . .

Well folks, it’s official… Microsoft is ending development on any new releases of Visual FoxPro.

Redmond Developer News Microsoft: No Visual FoxPro 10

I’ve been an xBase/VFP developer for over two decades, 20 plus years, and now, well, it seems those skills will pretty much be about as useful as those of an ‘old school’ TV repairman.

Yeah, there will still be a ‘need’, but nothing like there was. Makes me glad I’ve worked on my .Net chops over the past few years… time to get really working on them now though!

Sorry I haven’t been around much. A lot has happened over the past few months, not the least of which is that I’ve been very busy. I miss everyone, and appreciate those of you who still stop in to see if there’s anything new.

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Greg said...

Well Ol' Timer I wouldn't pull down my VFP shingle yet...I believe Carl Sagan was talkin' 'bout the lines of Fox code when he famously said, "billions and billions"...and FVPx might really be something...but the issue is that the small brain folks finally won....8 levels....phouwee!! bet no one in Redmond has even read Ulysses pro'ly think Pynchon is "confusing"!

Dizzy Ms. Lizzy said...

Good to see you are still alive and kickin', Bill!

I need to get my blogs updated also - - LOTS of "stuff" happening, but not time to write about it . . . *sigh*


Bill said...

Greg - There may well be billions and billions... hell I've easily written over a million myself... but the days of getting called for new dev work are surely close to over...

The small brains always win my friend... I've been working on a project most of the weekend... I would have been done Saturday morning if I could have used the 'Fox'...

Liz - Good to see you as well... life does tend to get in the way of blogging sometimes 'eh?