Monday, June 20, 2005

It looks like I'm getting a second article published...

I met with the editor of the magazine today. She's a really nice woman and we had a nice chat about all sorts of things.

She confirmed that she's planning on my article "Reflections" for her September issue, and, that she liked the newest article even better! (It was about experiences at/with the local hospital).

In addition, she'd like me to consider some additional articles, even one about motorcycle riding in North Carolina, and a personal interest piece about our Motorcycle trip to the Rockies!

To say I'm excited would be an understatement!

I just wanted to take a moment here, and thank all of you. The fact you read here, and take the time to leave me comments has helped me move forward and begin to explore writing for more than just a way to pass the time!

I noticed today, that since May 14th, I've had over 1,200 visits here! In that time there's also been close to 3,000 page views, and the average reader spends just under 5 minutes reading here. (Aren’t stats wonderful?)

So, once again, "Thanks" to each and every one of you!


Trevor Record said...

Where do you find out things like that? I blame INTERNET MAGICS! Seriously, where are these statistics kept?

Benoit Lapierre said...

hi from qu├ębec
your blog is very interesting.

Karyn Lyndon said...

I LOVE my stat counter!!! We need to start a club. I'm thinking bumper stickers and

And congratulations on your new writing career...very EXCITING!!!

Spirit Of Owl said...

Fantastic news! Congratulations Bill - I suspect opening a few "cold ones" is in order!

Trevor - in lieu of Bill stopping by JUST IN CASE he's sinking a celebratory beer or three, and JUST IN CASE you are genuinely wondering what the INTERNET MAGICS are that bring these stats to life.... check here! :)

Sleeping Mommy said...

Congratulations! I know how great you must feel to have your hard work recognized.

My husband has been writing articles for trade magazines of late and just got published with his first paying piece in Muscle Car Enthusiast this month!

I'm actually finally starting to move forward in pursuing this myself.

It's great how the blog gives us the practice and the juices we need to pursue what we really want.

Jay said...

Very cool Bill, congrats.

Comfort Addict said...

You're on your way. Today, lunch. Tomorrow, Oprah (goodbye Dr. Phil, hello Dr. Bill!).

Master of None said...

Congrats. Someday I want to discuss the article publishing more in depth.

Bill said...

Trevor: I use a counter from it's free and for free it gives back quite a bit of information. If you click on my counter it will take you to their page... It is sort of Magic :)

Benoit: Hello and welcome. Thanks for stopping by!

Karyn: It is strangely gratifying to know people just stop by and read as so few actually leave a comment.. I'm in for the club thing! :)

Thanks, I hope this is just the start of writing for me, it truly is something I've wanted for years.

Spirit of Owl: No beers tonight 4:30am comes far too early!! Now this weekend.. that's another matter!

Sleeping Mommy: Thank you... and congrats to Snoring Daddy!! What issue I'll go pick one up!

You're right, I had no idea when I started this, it would be remotely as much fun as it is.

Jay: Thank you I'm very excited.

Bill said...

Comfort Addict: :LOL: I don't know about that... I'm just very happy I'm going to get to see my name in print, in something besides a 'tech' article!!

Master of None: Thanks, I'm certainly no expert but I'll be happy to share what I know.

Trevor Record said...

I've got one of my own now, being the egotist I am.

Bill said...

Trevor: Very cool, pretty slick deal they have 'eh?

I'm thinking of using their counters on my professional/business pages. They provide much better stats than either the stuff in my web development tools, or the info from my hosting company.

Braleigh said...

It has been our pleasure, most definitely.

Many, many, many, many, many congratulations!!!

But never trust the timers on the stat counters; they be SHIFTY.

Robin said...


Firehawk said...


Big ups to you man! You have a great deal of wisdom to lay on people, so it's good that you'll be exposed to a wider readership. With all the BS out there, you're the real deal.

erin said...

That IS very cool! Congratulations!

jenbeauty said...

Kudos to you Bill and your welcome!!

RealLady said...

I am ready to take you to that celebratory dinner anytime you want! I am really proud of you batty! thank you for being my husband!

Cylithria™ said...

Wooooooohooooooooooooo Bill!!!

seeingdouble said...

Woo!! Congrats!

Bill said...

Braleigh: I never trust computers... I work with them everyday... they be shify critters indeed.

Thank you for your kind words, and I assure you I've had at least as much fun as anyone!

Robin: Thanks!

Firehawk: Thanks man... I have a lot of experiences... and I enjoy sharing what I've learned from all the falls I've had!

I can only hope others see me as a 'real deal'... that would truly be cool!

Erin: Thanks!

Jen: Thank you..

RealLady: You are entirely welcome... it's my pleasure!! as for dinner... just as soon as I get the PC back up and running!!

Cyli: Thanks!

SeeingDouble: :) thanks!

MJ said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! If there are any online links to your articles, post 'em!

Bill said...

Thanks MJ, as soon as I get the word the article makes the final draft (deadline is July 15th) I'll let everyone know.

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Wow! Congrats to you bigtime!

Bill said...

Thanks Brenda, I'm just hoping I can keep this moving forward :)