Thursday, January 26, 2006

Where in the world is Bill??.....

Crazy busy is where.

Work has been just very busy as several projects are nearing completion and are currently in both user and pre-production testing at the moment... fun stuff!!

So far so good with everything, it's just a bit hectic and a lot of details, and keeping me very busy.

I expect that by the close of business on Friday we'll have it mostly on 'auto-pilot' and I'll be able to put some of the things I've been thinking about into words!!

Thanks for the emails inquiring as to what's been happening with me, I appreciate that you took the time to check in!!

I'll be back in form soon, I promise!


Dizzy Ms. Lizzy said...


Yes, I have been wondering where you have been, but figured you were as busy as I was - - work has been a total ZOO lately! :-)

Welcome back!


Trevor Record said...

Oh, well you have been updating more than I have, and I have no good reason to be absent.

Spirit Of Owl said...

I'm just glad you're doing good! :)

Bill said...

Liz, Trevor, Spirit - Thanks y'all... I am doing fine, and I hope you all are as well!!

It's felt good to be a little hectic workwise these past few days... although I'm looking forward to a return to a less hectic schedule in a week or two!