Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Another day in the fray

I spent another day today working on ASP.Net... not exactly the most straight forward product ever! I'm committed however to revamping all of my domains/sites into ASP. Why you ask? Well, primarily because it will become the 'standard' for websites in the future. Microsoft has put far too much time and money into it for it not to be. Not to mention their entire site is ASPx based. So here's the deal, the same (or very nearly the same) site I could build in FrontPage or Dream Weaver, or Xara for that matter in 4 hours, looks to be a two day (minimum) project in ASP.Net. I suppose, as a contract developer, I should be happy for the extra hours. However, in the contract business, it's all about delivered product, time and hourly rate. The client rarely really cares what we develop it in, as long as it meets the spec, is on time and under (or at) budget.

So here I sit, I laid out from the contract with the flu today and spent what coherent moments I had doing ASP.Net research, tired, sick, and no closer to a 'generic' template plan than when I got out of bed this morning!!

I’m thinking seriously about an ASP.Net template site, similar to TemplateMonster that focused only on ASP templates, I can’t be the only one out here wishing there were some already completed starting point!!


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Ilene said...

Sorry about the flu. Be careful that is the way my son's illness started - then on to strep/staph pneumonia etc. You are right one step at a time - one moment is all we really have - therein lies the joy living in the now.