Friday, March 25, 2005

Screen (and other) resolution(s)...

Interestingly enough, I revamped my web sites for 1024x768 screen resolution after several folks commented that they'd prefer it over the 800x600 default I had been using. This week I got several additional requests that I go back to the 800x600 format as they found it easier to work with.

So, I've been experimenting with resolutions:

are presented in a fixed resolution and built from a FrontPage environment.

A third site of mine (and the newest):

Is built on a dynamic template that is actually pretty interesting in operation. It actually resizes ALL the form components as the browser window is resized.

So... what's all this talk about 'resolutions'? I'm resolving to research the background methods used in the template that's underneath my DotNetWizards site. I'll then create some new templating tools that will enable any site I develop going forward to operate in a similar manner, regardless of the environment and tools that are used to create it or view it.

I've spent so many hours in the past building adaptive applications for clients, that you'd think I would have built something more adaptive for myself!! However, like many others I only tested my sites in 'my' environment. The desktop environment today is far to dynamic to be developing 'static' web pages.

In fact, any sort of static development is not only outdated, it's simply not the way to go! Adaptive strategies, ones that morph as busines data, needs, processes are changed are more difficult to develop, yet yield far better long term returns than cheaper, quicker static application development.

More on all of this later... for the moment I have two 'business' tasks:
  1. Adding another string comparator function to my POL (Percentage of Likeness) utility
  2. Determining the best practice for adaptive web pages
I'll post more about these results later in the weekend.


PS: Tim.. if you get here... some comments on the rides would be most appreciated!! If you refresh my memories a bit, I'll try and fill in some of our exploits... like that day in, was it WV?, during the rainstorm at the convenience store... or that night in, I believe it was PA, and that very strange initial motel and the one we finally stayed at.. or any of 100 or so more.

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