Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I know I'm late. . .

I promised you the Camaro pics yesterday and I didn't post them.

I tried, honest! Blogger just wouldn't allow me to upload any pics at all!!

So, now, for a limited time only you can go to my family website and click on Family Photos, go to the album named Bill & Maryan and then click on the album 'Camaro Rebuild'.

I say for a limited time because normally you'd have to be a registered member to view the photos. Feel free to register if you'd like, you're more than welcome as you all feel like family to me. I thought you might not be comfortable giving me personal information so I made the album 'public' for the time being.

I hope you enjoy them, I had almost as much fun scanning them as I did doing the project!


Lorna said...

I couldn't rebuild a car to save my life, but in 1967 i bought a new Camaro to save my marriage. It didn't work, but it was a muscly, throaty wonder in an amazing blue-green colour. I loved it and have never seen another like it, although I have to admit I don't prowl the streets looking for old Camaros.

Bill said...

Lorna - I sometimes don't know if the skills are a blessing, or a curse!! I on the other hand, used to prowl the streets looking for other Camaros :)

Funny the things we do in hopes of saving a failing relationship... I know I've done my share of things that in retrospect I find myself shaking my head and wondering "What was I thinking??"