Saturday, June 24, 2006

Well… it’s certainly been a week!

One of ups, downs and turn-arounds…

Work-wise… things went pretty well. I managed to get everything out that had to go out, despite a server crash that disabled my access to the data. Only a (clever, if I do say so myself) workaround got me access and allowed me to hit the deadlines.

I got the ASP application working and the financial group signed off on the results (it’s always good when the financial people need your help!) I’ll document the changes, and hand everything off to the Business objects folks early next week.

Professionally I had a second interview with the folks in Connecticut, this time with the Development Manager. It turns out she lives in Atlanta and works 100% remotely managing the various developers. She indicated that, should I get the job, a remote assignment was possible.

In the course of the interview she also indicated that she (and the company) were looking to me specifically become a ‘big picture’ person in their move to a multi-tiered approach to data management and a tightly integrated mixed architecture.

Once she said that our discussion took on a whole new dimension… remote work… help with architecting the transition, proof of concept models… now they have my interest! This is the sort of thing that really gets my juices flowing creatively. Now all that has to happen is for the dream, to become a reality!!

I’d love to be a part of something this big, this state of the art and with a company that’s not only a leader in its field, but one with virtually no competition… sweet.

I’m trying to keep my hopes realistic as I’m not sure moving to Connecticut is a long term solution for us, I’d miss the weather here too much! Time will tell I guess, and I’ll make a decision when there’s one to make… for the moment I’m just enjoying being ‘in the hunt’.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Camaro pictures; there are some others various pics out there as well, with more to follow soon. In fact tonight and tomorrow with whatever time I have I’ll be scanning the photo album of our remodel of the house a few years back. I’ll most likely post them in sections, like before, during, after and current… the place is very much still a work in progress.

Micah is still talking about coming up on Sunday, but, considering he’s got a late day wedding to be in on Saturday, and remembering how I was at his age, I’m not counting on it!

As I was typing this yesterday, we had one of those signature North Carolina summer thunderstorms, incredible lightning, heavy rain and high winds… it knocked out power for a little bit and cable/internet access for several hours.

As a result I’m just starting to work on the scans, it’ll be Sunday before they’re posted for sure.

Also, Micah called last night, and as expected the heavy rains (5” + in many areas) the company he works for, and therefore he, will be very busy this weekend doing water removal.

I’m off to do some yard work, trimming mostly as I managed to get the yard mowing done before the storm actually got here yesterday.

So what are you doing this weekend?

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Dizzy Ms. Lizzy said...

What am I doing this weekend?


I put in a 60 hour work week working on the conference our College was hosting . . . and I'm a tad bit tired! :-)

Actually, I don't remember when I've been quite this exhausted. And sore. My whole body hurts, all the way down to my fingernails! What a week . . .

But it's over, and I'm home today and taking it easy. Tomorrow will be better! :-)

Bill said...

Liz - Glad to hear you're getting a well deserved rest!! I posted some 'before' photos at the family site today.