Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thank you all...

This is just a short post to thank you all for the kind words, thought and prayers for Bill and his family..

Bill was definitely a great guy, and his niece Sue sent me two great photos of Bill enjoying some family time that she’s told me I could share with you all.

Unfortunately I’ve got to scan them and such before I post them, and with work as busy as it’s been, it will be the weekend before I get time to do that.

I’m also working on a reflective post as I’ve been thinking about my life and how meeting Bill really helped me forge a new direction for myself. I’m hoping to have that done by the weekend as well.

There is life after coding it seems. I’ve been working on a post about that too, but as I’m still very much in the middle of that transition, it’s been difficult for me to put my thoughts clearly into words.

I’m touched that you all still stop in, and I’m trying to carve out time for blogging again. Maryan has her next surgery (hopefully the last) on her back next week. I know I’ll have some time to write then, either while I’m home alone, or waiting there at the hospital. Either way you’re likely to be seeing some more words from me soon!

I hope you’re all doing well… it’s strange… I feel as though we’re all friends and I’ve never actually met any of you. The fact is though, we probably know more about each other, and out lives, than we (or at least I) do about many of the folks we see every day and consider friends.

Thank you.


Lorna said...

I definitely believe that---I take joy in and agonize for my blogging friends as appropriate....

Dizzy Ms. Lizzy said...

It's true, Bill - - when you blog, you share a big part of yourself with the world. When others read it, they see what you are like inside, and really feel as if they know you.

Best to you, and to Maryan also. I will say some prayers that her surgery goes smoothly, and that no future surgeries are necessary!


Patrick M. Tracy said...


Hope Maryan's surgery goes well, and this one achieves the result you're looking for.

It's always great to see a new blog from you. It is true that we seem to know more about people we've never met than those we see all the time. I think that we tend to "keep it light" and "stay professional" when we're dealing with people during the day. Here in Blogland, though, we can often talk about things that are really going on in our lives.

In any case, hope to hear from you again soon, and good luck to you!

Bill said...

Lorna, Liz and Pat - First, Thanks for dropping in! Second, Thanks for leaving me a note... You, as well as I, know how much the comments mean. It means a ton to me that you folks still drop in!