Saturday, October 29, 2005

Garage Project Update…

I’ve posted the pics of the results of my ‘Garage Project’ on the website, which is here as well if you want to see all the pics.

I’m pretty happy with the overall results. I’ve still got a ton of ‘stuff’ I uncovered in the cleanup process to sort out and throw away. I’ve tossed more crap out in the past few days than I have since we moved in here. Some of it was in boxes I had tucked away, and looking at it now, all I could think was that I’d held onto it for some ‘sentimental’ reasons.

Funny that I should have felt sentimental about old client files, development logs, and daily work journals from a decade ago. I did though, and was feeling it again as I tossed it all out this week.

Those were heady times. I’ve written about them here before, I smiled and was thinking, “Yep… we were fab back then”. There were 7 bankers boxes filled with the ‘stuff’ about the clients. They were all filled with copies of software, design, development and implementation notes… all useless these days. Even if there were a couple of gems in there, I simply did not have the time, nor the inclination to sift through it all.

I know this is a short post (by my standards), but I’ve got to get on the outside wiring project, hanging the additional lights in the shop and building the new fireplace mantle.

I’ll post some pics of all of that before the weekend is out. Well, I’ll post pics of what I get done… I’ve got a toilet repair on the agenda now as well… just one more of the joys of home ownership!!

What plans will occupy your weekend?


Chloe said...

I'm supposed to go to a birthday dinner tonight, but can't get in the shower because the landlord is making repairs and has turned off the water. I get the feeling he doesn't really know what he's doing.

Bill said...

Chloe - Sorry to hear that! I feel pretty fortunate that all of my 'learning' experiences only effected me... I think the worst choice I made was installing a new furnace one winter... there were several very cold nights as I (as usual) underestimated the time it would take, and overestimated my abilities!!