Saturday, October 08, 2005

My second article came out today!

I was out in the shop.... I looked up from sanding (endlessly) on the truck bed (more on that later) and saw my wife standing in front of the garage door waving 'something' in her hand.

In my primer and bondo-dust haze I had a tough time figuring out what she was doing... until I realized it was the October issue of AlamanceCounty magazine!

Once again I feel like a proud father or something.... this feeling, of seeing my words in print, could get very addictive!

That's it for now... back to the shop!


Kim said...

Congrats Bill! It must be an awesome feeling.

Firehawk said...



Good for you, man. Many happy returns!

Bill said...

Kim, Firehawk.. thanks! :)

I told my wife today, after checking it out... that now it definitely doesn't feel like a 'fluke'... it actually feels real.

Spirit Of Owl said...

Absolutely excellent!

Congratulations Bill, well deserved!

Nina said...

Congratulations ~ on the birth of another article! :)

Bill said...

Spirit - Thanks man.. I appreciate that.

Nanina - Thank you too!

As an aside, I got a definite 'maybe' on my Christmas article today... Way cool month so far, despite the truck paint problems!