Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Internet Flowers….

I’ve been debating for several days now about posting on this issue.

I ordered 18 assorted roses, to be delivered on Valentines Day from a well known ‘Internet Florist’, ProFlowers.

Now I’ve ordered from them several times in the past, and each time the recipient would rave about the flowers, or the arrangement, so all in all I’d been happy with the service, the ease of doing business and the price.

This order however, well, let’s just say, to me, it was disappointing. The roses looked like they’d been left too long in a cooler with far too little moisture. You know, the color’s a bit faded, the top edges of the flower is wrinkled, dry and discolored and the greenery…. The leaves are no longer shiny, but dull and wilted as well.

Now my wonderful bride, she didn’t mention a thing…. I know she was happy that I’d gotten her flowers as they arrived in the early evening and I’m pretty sure she’d given up on seeing any (part of the fun for me is letting her think I didn’t, and seeing her face light up when they arrive)…

She’d never complain anyway, it’s just not her style to do that.

The truth is, up until this moment, I was just going to let the whole thing drop, chalk it up to bad luck or whatever and move on.

Then, today, in my already overloaded email inbox… comes a request for me to fill out a ‘satisfaction survey’… well, today has been a bit frustrating, exactly what I needed was a diversion, and an opportunity to let ProFlowers know, they’d let me down, and in an anonymous fashion.


Let’s just say sending a systems/web/applications developer to this particular survey site, was not the smartest thing they could have done.

  • First, amateurish layout and not at all ‘branded’ as a ProFlowers survey
  • The questions are each on a separate page (please that is so 5 years ago)
  • The site is so slow, it took nearly 45 minutes to get through it
  • Several, as in over a dozen “Page Cannot Be Displayed” errors that required a back button click and an attempt to resend, which was sometimes successful, sometimes not

So, in short, not a very good experience for me this time with ProFlowers.

Great service, disappointing product.

In the past, it was great service, and a great product.

I finally completed the survey, and in order to make use of the ‘downtime’ I also sent them an email ‘complaint’ about not only the product, but about the survey as well.

I’ll let you know, when, and if, I ever hear anything.

Next year I’ll just pick them up at the grocery store, hell at least those looked fresh!!

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Lorna said...

Rememberthe days when we thought the Internet was going to improve the hell out of our lives? Actually, that was yesterday. I'm interested in knowing if you get a reply---customer service sure seems to have lost its supposed priority.

Dizzy Ms. Lizzy said...


I have heard quite a few people complain about ProFlowers lately - - seems they have really lost something.

And I agree with Lorna - - and mourn the loss of good "customer service" these days. Seems like there are more and more people out there who do not care about customers, and that's a real disappointment!

But I'm glad your sweetheart enjoyed the flowers - - those, and a poem also - - wow, you must really kinda like her or something! :-)

Glad to see you back posting!


Bill said...

Lorna - I fully intend to chronicle this saga fully. There was a time I was recommending these folks to everyone. How this ends up will have a lot to do with my decision to do that going forward!!

Liz - Oh.... so *now* you tell me!! :)

I hope their customer service folks jump all over this and surprise all of us, but, I'm not holding my breath!!

And yeah, I do kinda, sorta, like her... a little bit!! :)

Glad to be back!!

Dizzy Ms. Lizzy said...

WELL - -

You didn't ASK before!! :-)


Jada's Gigi said...

Sorry about the flowers...but the poem surely made up for everything...it was very sweet. :)

Firehawk said...


I've been pretty lucky about ordering things online. They've always come intact and in a reasonable amount of time. Still, I've heard a lot of people talk about times they've been burned.

I agree with you...sending someone really savvy to a poorly-designed site is just asking for trouble. I hope they take your complaints to heart and fix their difficulties.

Flash said...

Thats why I always go with a mix of carnations and snap dragons.

Even if they've been left out too long, they never show signs of aging.

But nice job on ripping them a new bit stream.

Bill said...

Liz - Well *you* could have blogged about it! :)

Gigi - Thanks, yeah that poem, the other one I wrote her, and the letter were really the big hit of the day... and that's what was important anyway.

Firehawk - man I order so much stuff on line that I used to go 'shopping' for, and 99% of the time I'm more than happy... I think that's why I was so surprised at this deal.

This survey was soooo bad... It was hard to believe they paid someone to do it.

Flash - Oh.. and I'm not done... I'll resend the complain with a link to the blog... I may even go find all the 'grip sites' I can and link them all too :)

Then again, I may not have the time for all of that... but it's fun to think about!