Tuesday, February 14, 2006

It's Valentines Day After All....

One of the things I did this year was put together a little poem for my wife, along with a few other things I'm hoping she'll enjoy. I truly hope that everytime she looks at any one of them, or thinks back on this day, she'll know, in her heart she's deeply loved!

Why I Love You --

Why do I love you?
You asked me that, just the other day.
I'm sure I don't tell you often enough,
Or add all the detail of every single way

I thought I'd make this little list
just a few of the things I love so much
Put my thoughts to words, for it seems
These days, with thoughts I quickly lose touch

Picking things at random
There are many more, these are just a few
There's your sense of humor
Twisted at times like mine, you find funny what I do

The way you seek and question
Everything around you
Never accepting the easy answer
Anything old, it seems, can in fact, be new.

The sexy ways you move
Especially when you don't know I'm peeking
How, no matter what you're wearing
It's one more glimpse I'm forever seeking

How I think of you
Naked bathed in firelight
At amazingly random times
Like when driving home at night

A thousand of your touches could never be too many
Yet, that just one can be almost be too much.
So that even after holding you all night
I can still find myself craving your touch

Your strength in character, love and will
Never cease to amaze me
Wondering always
What your next rise will be

I find myself smiling
My heart filled with pride
The mall, grocery store
Where ever, when ever, you're by my side

I love the way that is you
How it helps me stay the course
That in our years of marriage
You've brought me not a moment's remorse

So, on this Valentines Day
Instead of roses red and violets blue
I wrote this little poem
To let you know why I love you.

That's for you baby... Happy Valentines Day!!!


Dizzy Ms. Lizzy said...


What a beautiful poem! I'm sure your wife will love it (and love you even more for it!).

It's so nice when a loved one does something unexpected and very special - - that is what has kept Steve and I going these past 20 years, and we plan to keep doing that for at least the next 20.



No_Newz said...

You and I are in a complete blog role reversal today LOL.
That was a beautiful poem for a beautiful lady. Happy Valentine's Day to you two crazy kids!
Lois Lane

Nina said...

I am sure that she will love this beautiful poem. It does show that she is loved very much.
Happy Valentines Day to both of you!

Cylithria™ said...

This is beautiful Bill. Happy Lovers day to you both!

Bill said...

Liz - Thanks, it is the little things that keep things alive... or at least I think so!

Lois - I'm heading to yur place in a minute.. I'm looking forward to seeing what you've posted

Nina - You're right, she did, I love it when I can 'choke her up' just a little :)

Cyli - Thanks... I appreciate it!


To all of you, and all the folks who stop by, Happy Valentines Day, Lovers Day or what ever you choose to call it day!!

G-Man said...

Found your post on lorna's blog. I read your poem and thought how fortunate you are to have such a love in your life. That you are aware of the importance and depth of this love is both beautiful and rare.

Beth said...

Bill, that was so amazing. Lucky wife!

Bill said...

G-Man - First, welcome, glad you could stop by. Second, thanks!

Beth - Thanks, but it's truly the husband that's the lucky one!

Cristie said...

Wow, that is such a beautiful poem! Can I clone you? LOL Glad you have the blessing of love in your life! (and the blessing of a Tahoe HA HA)

Bill said...

Christie - Thanks! I don't know about the 'cloning' thing... You'll have to ask my wife :)

I am truly blessed, love and a Tahoe... (except when I have to fill up the Tahoe!!)

Flash said...

Awesome. Beautiful...


I hope she loved it.

Spirit Of Owl said...

There is no chocolate or rose that ever beat a sincere and beautiful proclamation of love.

Hugs for you and Reallady. :)

Trevor Record said...

What, you mean it isn't for me as well?

Bill said...

Flash - Thanks... she did!

Spirit - What can I say... I totally agree! The same back to you and Mrs. Owl!!

Trevor - If you need it bro... it's for you as well!

Comfort Addict said...

Awww, that's so sweet. I hope that you and Maryan had a good one.

Bill said...

CA - Thanks bro.. we did, not particulary exciting.. but a very nice day and evening all the same!!

I hope you and the Mrs had a good one too!