Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Just when you think no one listens….

I finished responding to the comments to my last post, and then checked my email. What do I find, but a response from the folks at ProFlowers.

I have to say, I’m impressed, quick response and certainly a fair enough offer.

I think they’ve definitely restored my faith in customer service!!

So, in the spirit of a fair and balanced approach, which is always my first choice, here’s their response, and my original email, verbatim:


Dear Bill,

Thank you for contacting ProFlowers. Please accept our apologies for the disappointment with this order. You are a valued customer of ProFlowers, and we want to resolve this issue to your satisfaction.

We would like to offer you a replacement bouquet, courtesy of the team at ProFlowers.

In order to process this order, I will need the following information:

1. The name of the desired product (of equal value to the original item),

2. The preferred date of delivery (Tuesday-Friday, excluding holidays),

3. The recipient's name and complete address, including daytime telephone number,

4. A card message (if desired).

Once again, please accept our most sincere apologies. We look forward to hearing back from you soon!

Best Regards,

HB Kelly Norrod TR
Customer Care
The Art of Fresher Flowers

-----Original Message-----
From: Bill Coupe (
Sent: Feb 21, 2006 5:09:29 PM
Subject: RE: ProFlowers Survey Invitation

The survey could not be completed... I don't know who your survey vendor is, but you need to find a new one!

In short, these flowers were flat disappointing, wilted, the top edges of the rose petals were dried and darkened... not at all the quality I expected from your organization.

I doubt I'll be ordering again if this is what I'm going to end up with.
Truth be told, I was in a grocery store in the afternoon on Valentines day, the roses they had looked perfect, and were about half the price of what I bought from you...

Disappointed is the softest word I can use to describe my feelings when my wife opened that box.



So there ya have it… just when you think you’re talking to yourself, someone goes and listens.

I definitely love electronic communications!!

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Firehawk said...


Good for you! The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Dizzy Ms. Lizzy said...


Great! Maybe they have gotten enough complaints recently that they finally decided something needed fixed, do ya think?

Goes to show that you can't get something done unless you are willing to speak up.

SO - - take them up on their offier, and get the missus something special for - - well - - for just because . . . since you seem to kinda, sorta, maybe, like her and all . . . :-)


Trevor Record said...

Stick it to the man. The internet flower-selling man, that is.

Lorna said...

good for you---customer service may not be dead, after all.

Beth said...

Hey, that's great! I love when people stand behind their product. Go you!

Bill said...

Firehawk - It's nice when the faith gets restored!!

Liz - Way ahead of ya... already done and on its way!

Trevor - But wait... *I* am the man... oh... not the flower selling man...

Lorna - Thanks, yeah.. it appears to alive and well!!

Beth - It's nore like 'go ProFlowers'... I was happy to see them step up and offer to try and make things right!