Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Is poetry emotion, raw, uncensored?

It seems that whenever I’m at an emotional low I find myself writing poetry. It’s not always good poetry, but it’s mine and it’s helped me through many a low period.

It started while I was in the service. I’ve mentioned before, that, that particular time in my life was a very dark place for me. So I escaped into poetry, mostly dark, rarely upbeat… it was like I could shed my troubles by writing them out. So I wrote, a lot then, somewhere I’ve got an old bankers box full of ‘stuff’ from back then.

After I posted the piece I did for Bud, I got to thinking about others… I know I did one after my Dad died, another when I lost a ‘new love’… I haven’t stumbled on the one I wrote for Dad yet, but I did find the one about a lost love while looking for the one for Bud…

I can recall writing it, and how I felt when I did… the strangest thing to me, is that for the life of me, I can’t recall who caused me to write it!! It’s also one of the few pieces I’ve ever written I didn’t put a date on… had I, the time frame would probably bring it all home… So, I guess she truly is ‘lost’.

So, without further babbling here it is:

Depressed, all love it seemed, had stopped
Then into my life you dropped

It was amazing, the way I felt
Not just better, you made my heart melt

Light in your eyes, love in your heart
Took my pain, tore it apart

We shared so much, went so many places
Indignities past, now insignificant traces

Now, when you in my arms I hold
No more that warmth, but cold

Somewhere things changed, drifted apart
I’m alone again, in the dark

Everything in my life, that felt right
Is today, such a distant sight

Once so easy how we laughed, joked, cried
How could something so strong, have died

Mostly the distance, with only the phone
Leaving us empty, even more alone

Seems you’ve, gone away
Now there’s nothing, left to say..........

Thanks again for reading, and as always thoughts, ideas and your input are welcome!


Cylithria™ said...

Hi Bill~ Wow, what a piece of emotion here!! Simple, elegant and stunningly poigniant... I wonder who 'she' was :) Thanks for sharing this. You should share more poetry!

Greg said...

You really aught to! And thanks for sharin' my sites. 'Course pride did get the best of me and I clicked on the link. Lo and Behold! Your "Arctic" is spelled a_r_t_i_c...
I suspect you was jes' testin' me to see if I really do read yo' stuff.

Bill said...

Cyli: Thank you! I just might, I have on eother I'd intended to post, if you like I'll dig out some more after that. I've always wanted to 'be a writer', as in get paid to do it, it's feedback like yours that keeps my dream alive! Although... I'll write anyway... can't seem to stop!

Greg: I will, along with some stories of the 'puter wars, motorcycling and maybe a chapter or two from the book. You're welcome, I love your photos, everyone should see them!! I fixed the link... at least you know I wasn't "cuttin & pastin" :)

Thanks again y'all for continuing to read my stuff.