Thursday, May 12, 2005

Some more poetry.... From 1973 this time

Ok... since you've all been so kind to me (and my writing) so far... I went to the 'box', that box I've kept all sorts of writing tidbits in over the years and selected a couple of things from 1973.

Interesting year that was, reorienting myself to civilian life, losing love, finding love, losing it yet again. In some ways I remember life being simpler then. I do know that it's probably a trick of the mind, but, it does seem simpler in memory, than it was in reality.

I can read some of the things I've written from then and see I was in a 'sea' of emotions..... well hopefully you'll see too.

This first piece was written during one of those beginning romances, you know, where you're beginning to have 'feelings', but, you're not entirely over the hurt(s) from the past and you wrangle with yourself...

Lost Love of Youth

April showers fall.
Thinking of you.

So thin, and tall.
Is it love, again?

Those gentle kisses.
Your warm touch.

Beyond my fondest wishes.
Just one more?

Could this happen to me?
That soft look in your eye.

I wanted to be free.
You snatched me from my shell.

Now I must decide.
Can I, love you?

Feeling like I should hide.
I'm scared, of what?

Things would have been easier.
If only I'd, cried.

This next piece is something I wrote for an English class, it's an account of my thoughts after a fire onboard ship. It was intentionally short as the assignment was to relate an experience as well as possible in as few words as possible.

The walls still too hot to touch, the air hazed with smoke.
Men drifting about, drinking coffee, talking of interrupted dreams.
The dead are not mentioned, clanging bells still ring in the ears of close friends.
Charred and black remains disguise what once was.
Evening closes with the banging of lockers and the knowledge that by morning,
Most will be forgotten.

Well.... now that I've brought you all down a bit, the lesson here is that not all 'down' periods last forever.

Life is, I've found, a never ending cycle of ups and downs. It’s periods of relative calm, followed by 'manic minutes', resolutions and a return to calm once again. Sometimes the calm lasts for weeks or months, at other times the craziness seems to outweigh the calm and resolutions appear few, and inadequate. Somehow though, we all get through each crisis, one crisis at a time and move on.

One of the strangest things to me, is that later, months, often years later, we find ourselves remembering those 'crisis' times as "the good old days". In many cases, even feeling they were the "Glory Days".

So, with that in mind, I'm here to tell you that "these" are the good old days. Right here, right now... enjoy them!! And please, always try to remember... "The ride *is* the destination!"


Nic said...

Bill, these are quite good. Especially for the age you were - of and b/c 1973 was a great year. I was born! HAHA. Thanks for the vote and thanks to your darling wife for hers too. I need all the help I can get with that!

Firehawk said...


I like these two pieces, as well as your commentaries to go along with them. I think they show a lot of the vitality and unmuted emotions of youth, now viewed with the experience of all the years in between.

Bill said...

Thanks Nic and Firehawk... finding these did bring back a lot of memories, as well as the 'retrospective' you mentioned Firehawk.

Thanks again for stopping by.

Trevor Record said...

I particularily like the "Lost Love of Youth".

Bill said...

Thanks Trevor! One of these days I'm going to write something about that time... it was a wild ride for sure... This girl (woman now) pulled me from a very low place, restored my 'vitality', then once I was no longer dark and brooding lost interest, vanished and I started in on another of those downhill roller-coaster rides... Fortunately... "I'm younger than that now"

Stranger Ken said...

The contrast between the original pieces and your view of them three decades down the road is fascinating. It's brave of you to publish them, Bill. Most of us wince at the things we felt and said at twenty plus, but yours stand up well and grow in stature as a result of the commentaries.

Bill said...

Ken, thanks... I winced at plenty of the old stuff before deciding to let these see the light of day!!

Interesting though... with all but one or two I can actually remember were I was sitting when I wrote them.

I appreciate your comments, as always!