Monday, August 29, 2005

3000th hit today…

You know, when I started this place, I never really expected much. I thought, initially, I’d have a sort of online journal. A place where I’d work a bit on my writing chops, vent about the occasional strange happenings on the job, maybe relate a bike trip tale or two.

I never, really thought that I’d have folks, like you, who stop by, take the time to read what I’m thinking about, leave me such great comments, thoughts and ideas of your own… and in short make having this blog something I look forward to checking in on, and writing for, every day.

So, according to sitemeter, since may 14th when I place the ‘meter’ here someone has stopped in over 3,000 times now, viewed pages almost 7,200 times. On average a reader still spends nearly five minutes here per visit.

So, before I let another minute go by, I want to say thank you, to all of you, who keep stopping by, and making this place as much fun for me as it is.

While I’m on the subject of statistics… here are some of the ways folks have surfed in here in the past few days…

Each of these was word, not ‘phrase’ searches, and from Yahoo unless otherwise noted.

I sort of understand these showing up here…

  • [ people's ambitions, hopes and dreams ]- #10 of 182,000
  • [palmetto bugs in north Carolina ] - #6 of 15,200

I understand these pretty well (in fact I love being #4 in that huge list!)

  • [code world] - #4 of 75,249,920 (MSN)
  • [mortgage loan source code written] - #21 of 5,790
  • [places to hold a wedding reception in roanoke,va] - #4 of 4,700
  • [ overhaul chip fosse ] - several visitors.. but I can't find a link

This one I’m definitely baffled about..


Last, but certainly not least, there was:

  • [ picture sexy women whit girl fat in world ] - #4 of 250,000

For the life of me I can not begin to understand why Yahoo, would place this place #4, in a search where the user was clearly looking for something slightly different!! I suppose that’s why I’m not a web site ‘position’ marketer… supposedly those folks know ‘all the tricks’… or at least that’s what the ads say!!

This is a busy week for me. long days and a fairly big meeting with the folks from D&B (Dun and Bradstreet) tomorrow. Long days primarily because I’ve missed some time over the past couple of weeks with Maryan’s surgery and all (not to mention the vacation) and this is a short pay period as we’re off on Monday.

I’m not sure how much time I’ll have for writing this week, but I’ve been working on a few things; one about how things go wrong when the principle of enlightened self interest is not working, another about our Colorado bike trip a couple of years ago, and one more about our (Maryan and I) journey of getting this house rebuilt.

I’ve got pictures to scan for both the bike trip and the house project… so, I’m putting it to you folks, which piece would you like to read about first?

You vote by comment. Whatever story shows the most interest I’ll finish it first, and if needed I'll scan and upload the pics to go with it (I need to clean up and expand the ‘photo gallery’ anyway!!)

Thanks again for stopping by!


Beth said...

Bill, that IS a lot of traffic! You're a genuine writer and I think it comes through!

Firehawk said...


You're a popular man! I think it's because you touch on so many concerns and thoughts that people all over can identify with. Your personal stories strike a chord within your readers, and make us think about similar situations we've experienced in our own lives.

Some of the hits you get make sense, but a few of them...yeah, can't see where they came from. I haven't done any work to spiff up my site or add lots of features. I sometimes feel a little Spartan, but for me, I'd rather keep it simple and concentrate on the writing, rather than the "tech" aspect of it. I get enough tech at work and in my own various computer adventures.

Anyway, thanks for being here, and I hope you get ever more popular.

Nina said...

"picture sexy women whit girl fat in world"

You mean I can't find that here? LOL, I always find it strange about search engines.

I am looking forward to either set of pictures . . .

erin said...

We'll follow along no matter which direction you choose..

Bill said...

GK - Thanks, I remain both amazed that it's as high as it is... and wondering how to get more visitors :)

Firehawk - I'm not sure I did the 'right' thing by adding all those 'bells and buttons' down the right side of the page. Most I added out of just wanting to see how to fit them into the template.

I guess it's the statistician in me that likes the ‘numbers’, the hard truth is I’d probably still post even if no one came by… I have to admit though, I like knowing others are reading.

You’re welcome, I’m glad I’m here too… I don’t want to get ‘too’ popular though… some of these folks 50 60 people a day commenting… I think, for me, that would be overwhelming!

Nanina – Thanks… I was shaking my head when I saw that word grouping myself!!  I’ll pick one soon, and warm up the scanner.

Erin – Thanks, I’ll try to make either come alive for y’all!!

And… thanks again, to all of you, I wish I had the words to express what a ‘labor of love’ this place has become for me… and it’s all because you folks keep stopping by and encouraging me!!

Jay said...

Congratulations on your big 3-0-0-0 (although I am number 3020 today).

Sleeping Mommy said...

Hey Bill, just stopping by to say hi and congrats on hitting your 3000 mark.

By the way, today is Blog Day and I chose to list you as one of my five links.

Happy Blog Day!

SuZan said...

Hi Bill...Congrats on 3000! Sleeping Mommy sent me here to say HI!

Bill said...

Jay - Thanks :) What ever number you are, you're always welcome here!

Sleeping Mommy - A double Thanks to you! I appreciate you featuring me in your list today, and thanks again for stopping by!

Suzan - Thanks, I'm glad you did, and you've got a nice place yourself!!