Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Some more musing...

Finally!! A Google search that makes sense!! (To me at least)

I was #15 for the person who was searching for:

["50 minutes" + blog + "good beer" + "good friends" ]

Now there’s a search I’m glad I came up on!!

This one took me a minute to understand how I even showed up, as #9 of 9

["frankie carr" + "las vegas" ]

Then I remembered I’d mentioned each of these items, but in two separate and fairly far apart posts…. I think I'll never stop marveling at the search engine results!!


I worked from home again today; it truly is one of the better ‘perks’ with this contract. I get so much more done when I’m here, but I’ve told you all about that before.

So, about the possibility up in Central NY, so far, nothing. I know my resume was hand delivered on Monday, so I’m thinking at this point they’re not exactly ‘up against the bit’ with a need to talk to me. It’s ok though, our philosophy is, if it’s meant to be, it will happen, otherwise we should just let it go!

I have to admit to being a bit torn anyway. Between really being excited about the prospect of moving back, being close to my Mom (who's 78 this year), my oldest friends, and really enjoying the current contract.

The project manager has mentioned on several occasions that she’d like to see the company hire me on full time, and has been working to put that together. I'd really would like that to happen as well, if the fit is right!

On the other hand, contracting for the past year has me more relaxed than I’ve been in a decade. More focused on family, and time away from the office than I’ve ever been (Maryan has a lot to do with that as well) and in general pretty satisfied with the way things are going. The allure of a regular paycheck, paid time off, a 401K, company paid medical etc.. is strong though… very strong.

Regardless of what the ‘real job’ market brings, I’m continuing to work on finding market(s) for things I’d like to write about. I’ve got a piece about the truck project in the works, which has me wishing I’d taken 1,000 more photos!!

Another article/story about motorcycling, a fairly general piece, which has more to do with my philosophy about riding, and why it’s such a part of who I am, than with roads or destinations. No, it’s not the leather and chains (although it’s a nice bonus!)… for me it’s about a ‘one-ness’ and a totally ‘in the moment’ experience.

I wonder sometimes, how I got to that ‘Zen’ kind of motorcycling experience. It wasn’t the book (“Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance), I read it, enjoyed it, but never really adopted the author’s concepts at the time.

Back then I was consumed with speed, horsepower, blistering acceleration, and big ‘top end’ numbers. Finding me cruising down a 4-lane at 120+/mph was not unusual… nor was clipping off sub-12 second quarter miles (again on the street) on the Kawasaki…

Somewhere, between then, and here, I discovered the joy of the ride itself. So much so that I’ve told many folks that you’re never quite as alone as you are when riding a motorcycle.

You’re encased in riding gear, leather jacket and pants or a ‘riding suit’, either one equipped with ‘armor’ in the appropriate places. Gloves to protect your hands, above the ankle boots, and finally, your head encased in a full face helmet. This ‘suiting up’ has an interesting effect on me.

First, it all insulates you from the environment a bit, then helmet especially blocks out nearly everything but the sound of the bike, and the wind.

So there I am, cruising down some twisty mountain road, in and out of the dappled sunlight, picking a line for the next corner almost before I’m out of the last, yet, initially my thoughts are the loudest thing inside that helmet.

But, as the miles roll up, those thoughts are soon replaced by the wind, the rumble of the engine or the occasional scrape of a peg on the highway, until finally they’re quiet at last. The job, that leaky faucette, the credit card bills, problems with a neighbor... everything... evaporates... replaced by the process of riding, the 5 senses taking it all in and my body reacting, working with the bike.

Some folks take a pill, I take a ride… and when the weather will not cooperate, I head into the garage and let the sounds of the grinder, air ratchet, hammer on steel or a DA sander take its place.

That quiet, in the moment serenity, do you know it? How do you ‘get there’?


Beth said...

I love the quiet ... for just that reason. Fingers crossed for you to land the NY gig. I really love NY and you write so fondly about it!

How do you do the google search?

Bill said...

Thanks! :)

I love NY too, NC has been and is great, but Upstate NY is 'home'.. it would be great to go back if things work out that way.

As for the search... it's "sitemeter", it's free (www.sitermeter) the counter on the right side of the page that's providing all the info.

You should try it... but be careful... it can get addictive!

Firehawk said...


Serenity isn't easy to find. It's there, though. For me, it's usually in the notes of "the right" song for that mood, or looking up from underneath the weight in the gym. Nothing like a lot of cold iron over your head to focus the mind.

Cristie said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my site again. I really liked this post. I love motorcylces, but I have always been too chicken to ride them. But I have a brother who rides like he was born on one.
Yes, my dad is a wonderful person. He is an awesome dad, and he is just one of those people that everyone loves. I love and respect him more than anyone else on Earth. I thank God for him and my mother every chance I get. Thanks again for stopping by.

Karyn Lyndon said...

I'm able to transcend the bills and the bull in my car. I love to drive alone. It's there I plot my novels and other kinds of creative thinking. Sometimes it's scary when I arrive at work and don't remember the drive at all. Fortunately, it's a short drive and away from the traffic.

Cylithria™ said...

Hey Bill ((Hugs)) (and give one to Maryan too) Thank you for saying such kind words on my blog. You know, those solid, principled men are hard to find, that's why I'm so glad I found your blog and you. You're one of them!

I sure wish I could head out on the're right, they do have a way of easing you.

Hope you and Maryan are well. Thanks again for coming by

Nina said...

That quiet, in the moment serenity, do you know it? How do you ‘get there’?

I do know it, for me I get there by nature, the mountains, the ocean, a lake, a waterfall, the smells in a forest, the desert, trees, wildflowers. I could go on and on, but think you get the idea. :)

Trevor Record said...

["50 minutes" + blog + "good beer" + "good friends" ] - Seems like the place for it!

You've done it again, good sir. You've made me want a motorcycle.

Dahlia said...

Hi Bill. Thanks for stopping by my blog again! Your comments are always welcomed.


Bill said...

Firehawk... another 'lifter' huh? You're absolutely right, weightlifting is another 'centering' activity for me. I've been out of the gym for over a year, but have started back recently as there's one in the building where I work. I'm looking forward to using some real weight again soon!

"Life is too short to be small... so lift heavy!"

christie - I loved what you wrote about your Dad, it made me smile as I read it! Fear is a healthy thing when it comes to motorcycles, a lack of fear nearly killed me once.

karyn - I have about a 50 mile commute down a long slab of interstate, it scares me sometimes when all I really remember from the trip is pulling into the parking lot!! It beats getting aggravated though!

cyli - Thank you for the kind words. I appreciate them. What you wrote the other day was very heartfelt. I wish we could all take a ride.. and SOON!

nanina - I do get it... those are all favorite places of mine as well. Away from the crowds, nice.

trevor - One of these days... you'll actually be shopping for one!

dahlia - You're welcome, and thanks, your's too!

Whit said...

i recall having experienced it somewhere in the past, but like one's senior year in school, or a first date, or child's special day, i have long forgotten how i got there or how i managed to let it escape my immediate memory. what once seemed so fresh and indelible on my brain, is so foggy that i have a hard knowing whether it was real...or whether i just dreamed of it.

you have reminded me that i need to reconnect with serenity and peacefulness.

perhaps i can't go back, but surely i can rediscover it for the place i am in my life here and now.

as always, your musings set my mind off on a chase for something outside of my immediate scope.

thanks! take care...

Bill said...

whit - Thanks, I'm glad my words set you off thinking... in my mind that's always a good thing!

[perhaps i can't go back, but surely i can rediscover it for the place i am in my life here and now.]

You don't need to go back, just uncover it is all, it's there, waiting for you!