Sunday, August 14, 2005

Good Sunday Morning!

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A quick update on Maryan…

She’s doing well. We had a bit of a scare with a fever yesterday, but a call to the Doc, some Tylenol (well a generic) and she was back on track. It seems, according to the ‘on call’ Doc that spiking a fever of 101-102 the day after surgery is common. Who knew? It certainly didn’t happen after any of mine, or hers, previously! Thankfully though it was nothing much, just a little ‘blip’.

She was finally able to get comfortable enough to sleep through the night last night. Once she’d gotten to sleep I actually settled in on the couch and slept pretty well myself. I thought about slipping into bed with her, but, was afraid I’d disturb her sleep if I did. I certainly could have slept in one of the other bedrooms, but, I wanted to be close by if she needed anything (she didn’t).


And… while I’m in the subject of Maryan…

You know, I always ‘say’ I know how much she does around here, and that I appreciate everything she does, but, until I’m actually doing it, I’m not so sure I really do have an ‘appreciation’ for it.

She takes care of so many little details (like seeing to it everyone gets paid and don’t come knocking on the door looking for money, or shutting off the power/water/gas, etc..) and does it so well that I think I actually forget, on a conscious level, that they need to be done.

I’m not really much of a detail type person. I’m much more a ‘big picture’ kind of guy. Don’t get me wrong, I can do the detail stuff, and as a programmer I have to do that, but it’s not really my strong suite. I’m much better at looking at a situation, defining the problem and devising a solution than I am at actually carrying out that solution. Maryan on the other hand is incredible with the details, I constantly marvel at how well organized ‘we’ are as a result of her efforts.

I may be the one with the ‘big plans’, but the way they eventually come to fruition is through her keeping me organized and allowing me to continue to see my ‘vision’.

One of the ‘other’ things she does well is take care of the ‘lawn’… and I’m not really talking about fertilizer etc… I normally do that… it’s the little things, like where a planting should go, how much area we should have in ‘grass’ and where the flower beds should be, how they should be shaped etc… most often, when she’s telling me, I’m convinced, in my mind, that I’m not going to like what she has planned… but… when it’s finished, and often as it’s taking shape, I’m able to ‘see’ what she had in mind, and I always like it!

Now, we don’t have a magazine type lawn, far from it, but, given the overgrown weed bed that was the lawn 4 years ago, and that I’ve dug up good portions of it to add drainage two or three times in those four years, it’s really starting to look great! So much so, that a couple of the neighbors have even commented on how nice it’s coming along.

This downtime right now, is giving me some time to reflect on all she does and how effortless she makes it all appear. How much better, richer actually, my life is for just having her in it. How much more the house, looks like a home inside, from her touches.

When I hear folks going on, and on, about what an ass their spouse is, I wonder if they really are able to picture their lives without this person. If they are, and that picture is truly so much better, they should do each other a favor and move on. If not, maybe, just maybe, they should stop complaining and focus on the reasons they’re still in love with that person, and want them in their life!

Our relationship isn’t perfect; we certainly have our ups and downs, like any couple. But, I wouldn’t trade a minute of the time we’ve had, or will have for anything else!

To all of you who took the time to comment and wish Maryan (and I) well, thank you!! As Firehawk commented, it’s these little connections we find, even out here in blogger-land that let us know we’re not ever really alone!


RealLady said...

thank you my love! just remember, I couldn't accomplish any of it with out your encouragement, help or pocketbook! hehe - love you!

Bill said...

Spammed! I must have hit the 'big time'... Sheesh... is nothing sacred from these parasites?

Bill said...

THere was a fairly long post from some spammer between RL's comment and mine... I was hoping that somehow I'd escape their notice... but, I guess we're all gonna get spammed eventually!

Beth said...

Bill, I am the same way. I really love my husband. We have our spats and sometimes I want to beat him about the head and face (lol), but he's my guy. I wouldn't want a life without him.

I'm glad your wife is getting better, recovering well!

jenbeauty said...

Glad to hear she is doing well. Yes that fever thing would have scared me too Bill!

Glad to hear you find the little things she does are so important. I think that is one of the reasons why hubby stops and thinks more often when I get upset about something.

I have had 9 surgeries in 8 years. The last 3 years being the worst of it. It was then that he realized exactly how much time and effort I spent on everything. Althought he tends to forget

Nina said...

Bill, we really don't know what we have til it gone. It is always nice to have that appreciation for our partner. It is easy to forget on a daily basis. A reminder is a great thing. I am glad she is doing well.

Cylithria™ said...

Oh Bill, I am so glad she is doing better. Let her know I am keeping her close to my heart and in my thoughts! Take care of both of you!!!

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dualistic said...

As a developer with a loving wife, I hear you man! My wife is much more into details, and I'm the one constantly saying "yeah, it'll be alright" and "don't worry about it". I do the bill-paying but she has to remind me.

Glad to hear she's okay.

Bill said...

GK - Thank you, me too!! For the my wife once said to me "It's not how you get through the easy times that matters, it's how you handle the tough ones" and she was just exactly right.

Jen - Thanks, I think we all tend to "take for granted" those things we come to depend on. I know I work at remembering she works at least as hard as I do at building our life together!

Nanina - That's so true! It's also one of the reasons I find eastern, and American Indian spirituality so comforting... it's much more focused on 'now', and appreciating all of life's gifts while we're able to!

Cyli - Thanks, and I'll definitely pass that along, I know she appreciates it!

Dualistic - Thanks, and welcome! Thanks for the 'witness'... I wonder sometimes if I'm just weird!! It's nice to know there's at least one other couple out there with similar stuff going on!

I'm not quite sure what to say to the 'anon' posters... I never really am... I supposed buting a sex toy might speed her healing process, but, I doubt it... and as for making money 'online'... sheesh, like I'm takign advice from someone afraid to tell me their name!! :)