Thursday, August 25, 2005

Another movie scene I could have lived without….

I mentioned the ones from Alexander the other day….

Well another of those movie images I didn’t need getting into my brain was Kathy Bates naked, and Jack Nicholson’s wrinkled white ass in ‘About Schmidt’… I could have lived my entire life and not missed a thing if I hadn’t seen that scene. What were they thinking!!??

Ok… the Maryan update.. she’s better by the day.. I can tell that because she’s remembering now to ask me to do things she wasn’t even thinking about a week ago! I’ve got to admit, even though I’m doing a decent job of going to work and coming home and doing household duties, things are not remotely as well run as when she’s handling it.

I might get better at it by the time the 8-12 weeks has passed, but, I doubt it. In all honesty, I’m not much of a housekeeper. I can do it, but my tolerance for dust, miscellaneous misplaced objects, cat hair, dirty laundry, etc.. etc… is far greater than my wife’s is.

I’ve always been a wait until you’ve got something worth doing, then have at it kind of housekeeper. Maryan… well if she’s got enough dirty clothes for a load of laundry… they’re getting washed, and right now… so… way before I’m even thinking about laundry, she’s already got it on the ‘list’.

No, there’s not an actual list… well maybe there is, but, she never lets me see it… It’s more like, I get home, and after an acceptable ‘decompression’ period has passed… she’ll ask, ever so sweetly… “Were you planning on doing laundry tonight?”

Now a couple of years ago, I would have thought that’s what she wanted to know, and answered simply, “No.”… However, today, the older, wiser Bill knows that question translates into… “Baby, that nearly full laundry basket is beginning to bother me, and it would make me feel… ohhh… so much better if those clothes were washed tonight”

So today I answer… “Yes, actually I was, did you have anything special you wanted washed?”

For what it’s worth, I’m taking a bit of poetic license here, as that exact conversation never took place… But similar ones definitely have!

Also, before anyone gets the impression I’m complaining, I’m not. I’m happy she had the surgery, and is recovering nicely… and I’m happy to do whatever makes this process easier for her. You see when the situation was reversed, she made sure I didn’t ‘want’ for anything, and gave me all the space this grumpy, recovering, old fart needed!

Some interesting ‘Search landings’ in the last few days… I’ll probably put a list together again soon… the most interesting though was a search on [ Code World ]… This place was number 4 of 73,875,890 results!! I guess I’m like a lot of people… I like being at the top of the list... any list!!

Oh, spoke to the magazine editor today, the September issue will be out next week!! I’m supposed to drop by the office and pick up some complimentary copies (so I can send one to Mom etc…) and discuss writing a couple more articles for them.

One step at a time I guess, I just wish I knew what I wanted to write for them next. I’d planned a ‘Day Trip’ motorcycle article, but, there hasn’t been much riding this summer. I’m hoping we’ll get to take a short fall ‘color’ trip, but the magazine will be putting together stuff for January or February by then. I’ll come up with something for November or December though…. I’m just not sure what.

That’s about it for now…. Thanks again for stopping by, and leaving your thoughts… I appreciate each one!


Beth said...

Give yourself credit, when I had my babies, I came home from the hospital to wash laundry, do dishes, and all the rest of it. My husband just let everything sit until I could do it again so the longer I waited, the worse it would have been for me. He honestly thinks this wasn't bad at all, birth isn't a big deal, and it was my job.

So, even after surgery, he'd just be like, "OH well, it'll wait for you." LOL

You're a good guy, Bill!

Firehawk said...


Glad Maryan is on the road to recovery. It's never easy to do "the other stuff"...all those tasks you don't spend any time considering from day to day. Still, it's cool that you're trying to step in and shoulder the burden. A lot of people wouldn't. Hope you're well, and I'll be looking for the next post.

Bill said...

GK - Thanks, but, I'm just being me... she's my partner, friend, lover and wife... I could do no less for her, then I know in my heart she'd do for me.

Firehawk - Thanks my friend, you and GK have me thinking, with your comments... My next piece might just be my take on being a 'Man'... I have no doubt you'd do the same as I... what is it about some men (or women for that matter) who don't?